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Buyback FAQs

Q: What is buyback?

Georgian Stores wants to take your old textbooks off your hands! You are able to sell your textbooks back to the bookstore for up to 50% of the new price.


Q: What do I need to bring with me to sell my books back?

Your textbook, and a credit card or debit card.  Our buyback is CASHLESS which means we can put your money on your credit or debit card, instead of giving you cash.


Q: How do I get my money?

When you sell your book to us, we will put the money right on your debit or credit card.


Q: When can I bring my textbooks back to sell?

We offer daily buybacks all year round.  However, there are certain dates and times that the buyback is closed so watch the website for updates.


Q: How do I know which textbooks I can sell to you?

You can come into the stores to check if your textbook is on our buyback list or you can enter your ISBN online to get your quote.  Be sure to download our Buyback app so you can get quotes on-the-go! Click Here


Q: How much can I get for my textbooks?

It depends on the book, but we can pay up to 50% off the new book price. The textbooks that we are buying directly for the store are bought from you for up to 50% of the new price.  We also buy for a US wholesaler and they buy for up to 30% of the new price. 


Q: Do you need all textbooks?

The books that we buy back are based on its resale value and the need for the book.  The quantity of books we need and prices also can change daily.


Q: Is there a maximum number of textbooks that I can sell?

No. If they are on our buyback list and we have not reached our maximum quantities we can buy as many as you want to sell.


Q: Why is there no quote for my book?

Unfortunately, we are not buying that particular book at this time. You can always come back and try again.


Q: What is an ISBN? Where can I find the ISBN on my textbook?

The ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and it is a unique number given by a book’s publisher.  It is located on the back cover on the bottom right hand side.


Q: What if my book isn’t on the buyback list?

Just because we aren’t buying back a particular textbook at this time doesn’t mean it won’t be on our buyback list in the future.  Come back and try again!


Q: Why wouldn’t you want to buy my textbook?

If it is in poor condition (ripped, tears or water damage), the textbook has gone to a new edition, if it is not being used, or if we already have enough copies.


Q: What condition does my textbook have to be in to sell it back?

Your textbook must be in good condition that will allow us to offer it to other students to buy. No rips, tears or water damage, please!


Q: Why would I sell my textbooks?

If you no longer need to keep them you might as well sell them for some extra money!


Q: How is the buyback price determined?

The textbooks that we are buying directly for the store are bought from you for 50% of the new price.  We also buy for a wholesaler and they buy for about 10%-30% of the new price. 


Q: I received a quote online, but it is no longer offered when I get to the buyback station. What happened?

There is a maximum number of books per title that we can buy back.  After you get your quote, you should come to the stores as soon as possible because if another student is selling the same book, we may no longer require your textbook.


Q: Do you buy CD’s or study guides?

If the item has an ISBN, you can check and see if we are buying it.


Q: Can I sell only books that I originally purchased at the Bookstore?

No. We buy any books on our list, even if they were purchased elsewhere.


Q: Can I sell a textbook that I purchased as a used book?

You bet!


Q: What happens to the textbooks that I sell?

They are resold to other Georgian College students at the Bookstore, or to US wholesale companies.